The Crown of the Sun and Diamonds


The Crown of Suns and Diamonds
Eyen Sablan
Erik Miroth

A once beautiful land, filled with rolling forests and snow-covered mountains. Jewdha was once a thriving continent; races from all parts of the world would come and explore the many mystical temples and monasteries, looking for adventure and glory. The Elves the keepers of the forests sang the most beautiful songs that would make even the strongest weep. The Dwarves their smithies and great caverns rang with the sound of hammer to mithril and mead halls filled with laughter and feats of strength. The Halflings always getting themselves into mischief. Their small frames joyous and as happy as can be. The Humans prospering building up the grandest cities and making them bastions of hope and peace. Half-orcs and Half-elves the mercenaries of the world searching for a place to finally call home. Many races thrived here in Jewdha a beautiful land…

But not everything stays as it should…

A powerful relic known as the Crown of Suns and Diamonds a relic known to have kept the peace between all the races was stolen. The dark lord Kalgan the Plane Touched jealous of the wielders of this crown horded its power. Casting the world under a dark cloud of despair and death. He built up an army of the most sinister and evil beings imaginable. His armies cut through the lands pillaging and destroying everything in their path. Many of the races nearly going extinct, yet holding onto their existence but only barely.


The Human King Orthos Halfstead raised an army consisting of every Dwarf, Elf, Human, Halfling, Half-orc, Half-elf, and any other races able to join. They marched upon the Desolate Dunes to the Dark lords castle Shadow Vale. There they fought for 3 months and 6 days. When they broke apart the Lords defenses, Orthos rushed in with his armies and fought for the crown. One on One Orthos and Kalgan fought axe to sword for 3 hours they fought neither of them gaining or giving ground. Sweat and blood covering the ground from many wounds. Finally the Dark lord made a fatal mistake his hand slipping from the handle of his sword. Orthos now had the upper hand with one fatal blow the Dark lord Kalgan fell. Blood seeping into the stone with his last breath he destroyed the Crown. Scattering each diamond to the surrounding lands and the pieces of the crowns to each city where they were seen but are now lost.

Many years have passed the date is Polo’s (the fifth month) 25 day and the year is 1334 year of the Phoenix. As things were once thought to have been peaceful again a new terror has arisen. Now the crown is needed more than ever. Who knows what this evil is or what it may destroy but one thing is for sure. The ones who have been chosen to take on this task will be changed forever.



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